Why is my Android device saying “Uncertified” and how do I fix this?

Device certification” is used to tell you, the Android device owner, whether or not your device has been officially approved to run the Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps which includes apps such as the Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube and Gmail among others.  Once your device is identified as being approved by Google, having passed the Android compatibility test and having the necessary license to run Google’s proprietary apps, the Device certification status will read “Certified”.

In cases where the GMS apps, inclusive of the Google Play Store have been installed on the device without Google’s approval or “official blessings”, the Device certification status will read “Uncertified” as in cases where Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are modded and the GMS apps are installed against the wishes of Amazon and the official go-ahead of Google.

But what of devices from recognized OEMs such as Meizu and Xiaomi, why are so many of their devices showing Device certification statuses of being “Uncertified”?

Reasons for a device having an “Uncertified” status:

  1. The result of a false-positive. The certification checking system is still a work in progress which means you may be seeing “Uncertified” simply because the implementation is somewhat inconsistent.
  2. You may be running a custom ROM or modified ROM (rooted, unlocked bootloader etc.).
  3. The OEM may not have passed Google’s test and license checks (through no fault of yours).
  4. You are running fake/non-legit apps on your device.

Unfortunately you cannot “fix” this issue on your own outside of ensuring that you have not modified your device’s core software/firmware or returning your device to its stock ROM (if it was “Certified” to begin with).

To check your Device certification status:

Disadvantages of being “Uncertified”:

  1. Some Google apps may not work and if they do work, they may not work properly.
  2. Inability to access and update certain apps from the Google Play Store.
  3. Some apps may now appear as being incompatible with your device.
  4. In the case of Android TV boxes, apps like Netflix may stop working.

For additional information on Device certification, simply tap on the Device certification menu option on your Android device or click here.

Is your device certified?  What are your thoughts on this new development from Google?  Be sure to leave you comment in the comment section below.