Restarting your computer helps your computer

Some persons are of the opinion that restarting their computer will cause damage, and or wear it out resulting in it stopping work before its time – this is not true!
Restarting your computer at least once a day is actually good for your computer.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Some devices and programs may malfunction (as they often would) and the first “fix” is restarting the computer which allows them to try and sort themselves out (especially software related glitches)
  2. As you use your computer temporary or TEMP files and SWAP files are generated.  These files are necessary for allowing you to do what you’re doing on the PC, but they take up space and can bog down the system especially since some of them are not gotten rid of by simply closing the application, but only by restarting the computer.
  3. You may have uninstalled or installed a program and the only way of completing the process is by restarting the system, so restart it!

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