When is the right time to purchase a replacement battery for your smartphone?

What good is a mobile device if its battery does not keep its charge?  How do you decide when it’s the right time to purchase a replacement battery for your device (if your devices has a replaceable battery)?

True Story:

A few years ago I decided to get a replacement battery for my smartphone (even though there was nothing wrong with my current battery at the time) simply because a retail store had decided to discount the battery my device used.  Well, the battery arrived and I stored it away, just as it came, with the intention of putting it to use when the one I was using went bad, of course that did not happen for quite a few months – I must admit it had seemed as a pretty good idea then.  When the day came when I finally needed my new battery, that battery was dead to the point that it wasn’t even keeping a charge – my replacement battery needed to  be replaced even though I had never gotten around to using it.

So here’s my battery tip for you today

If you intend on purchasing a replacement battery for your mobile device simply because it’s on sale, you may want to hold off and rethink that decision.  It is recommended that you get a replacement battery only when your current battery is well degraded; not too long before, because the non-usage of a battery leads to its degradation especially if it is not stored properly.

NB: If a spare battery is purchased and won’t be used for an extended period of time, then its best to store it with a charge capacity of around 40%-60% in a place that is as fresh, cool and as dry as possible – remember heat kills batteries.  You should also pay attention to the manufactured date of the battery before buying it.

So what is your take on the matter?  Do you buy it and give it a little use every other day or do you just wait until you need it and then go buy a new one?  Leave you comments in the comment section below.

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Author: Jervis Dabreo

Jervis A. Dabreo (1979 - ) is a Grenadian author, blogger and high school teacher with a passion for technology and empowering others.

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