What’s On My Device – My Top 28 Apps

It has been quite a while since my last “What’s On My Device” post.  As a matter of fact, it is well over a year, so this is way overdue, especially for persons who are interested in what apps I use and maybe even why.

First things first, I am currently using an LG V10 H901 running LG’s stock ROM (Android 6.0) as my daily driver with an LG G3 D855 running Fulmics 6.9 (Android 6.0) as my backup device.  The latter is rooted with TWRP installed.

That aside, here now are the top 28 apps I use on my devices (in no particular order):

  1. Cerberus anti theft – To recover a stolen or lost device you need to have proper tracking/anti-theft software installed prior to the incident.  This is my sentry of choice.  Properly configured, Cerberus and MacroDroid is as potent a combination as it gets for persons wanting protection without having to sweat too much.
  2. MacroDroid Device Automation – My favourite android automation app.  If this list was in order of importance to me it would rank #2 right after Cerberus.
  3. 1Password Password Manager – In addition to my seven (7) email accounts, I have scores of different login passwords to remember – 1Password is my password manager of choice. I enter one complex password to get access to all my other passwords.
  4. Solid Explorer – My file explorer of choice – it’s that good!
  5. Meriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus – Easily one of the best offline dictionaries available, and because proper spelling and English are important.
  6. Bible with EGW Comments – Possibly one of the best offline Bibles in the Play Store for Seventh Day Adventists.
  7. Folio Pro for Facebook – This serves as my Facebook and Twitter client – two birds with one stone. It is way “lighter” than both apps, which means less space being wasted and battery being used up.
  8. ABBYY TextGrabber – Converts text in pictures to actual text.  Snap a picture of a page and have this app convert it to text with ease.
  9. Adobe Acrobat ReaderNo explanation necessary.
  10. Pocket – For all my offline reading.  I can’t see myself using a smartphone or tablet without Pocket.
  11. AfterFocus Pro – Satisfies all my blurred screenshots and pictures needs. This is one of the newest additions to my list.
  12. App Cloner – This app allows me to have two or more WhatsApp installation on a single Android device (you can clone other apps as well).
  13. BlackBerry Keyboard – I have tried several different keyboards over the years, but this is my baby.  The company may be sinking into “a state of extinction”, but this keyboard is a definite winner in my books.
  14. Pushbullet – Allows me to seamlessly move/share links and documents between my devices.
  15. ChromeIt IS chrome for crying out loud.
  16. Greenify – This app stops the apps running in the background on your device which results in better battery life on your device.  This is a “must have” app.
  17. Piktures – My gallery app of choice since Cheetah mobile got involved with QuickPic.
  18. Poweramp – Easily the best music app in the Play Store.
  19. Screebl Pro – This app gives me complete control over when my screen times out using orientation and angles.  Another “must have” app.
  20. Screenshot Pro – For better control of my screenshots and because Volume Down + Power isn’t always practical.
  21. Shazam Encore – Because I need to know who sang that song, simple.
  22. Twilight Pro – My blue light filter of choice for my late night usage of my devices.
  23. Microsoft Word – I’ve found this app to be more robust than most other word processors, plus I am a Microsoft Office user, so there’s that.
  24. XDA Labs – Because you’re not an Android superuser unless you’re on XDA!
  25. Steg -see here.
  26. Aptoide – Because I believe you need an alternative app store to the official Play Store.  I consider this way safer than Mobogenie.
  27. BootManager – Stops apps from starting when your device boots up.  It’s msconfig for Android.
  28. Moon+ Reader Pro – This app handles the eBook formats that the Kindle app does not support.

I’ve left out quite a few apps from the list because they are considered staples on most Android devices – apps such as Google+, Sheets, Docs and Slides from Google; Ebay, Amazon, Woot, PayPal, Nextplus, GroupMe, LinkedIn, along with my church related apps.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize I did not list any Antivirus, RAM/Memory or Battery boosters, or even the Facebook official app – which is one of the most resource intensive apps you can have on your device these days.  I do not use any of these apps since in most cases they are either useless, unnecessary or simply a waste of space and resources.

Is there an app you’re using that you think I should consider adding to my list of apps?  Hit me up in the comment section below.


UPDATE: I did purchase most of the pro apps in the list and based on your location you may not be able to access the apps with the links provided.  You can consider using a VPN app such as Tunnelbear.

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Author: Jervis Dabreo

Jervis A. Dabreo (1979 - ) is a Grenadian author, blogger and high school teacher with a passion for technology and empowering others.

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