How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is not just a “generation Y” fad, it is here to stay (or will be around for quite a few years at least).  Its not just about chatting and the posting of status and other things which may be considered trivial – its about networking, about connecting in ways that are more cost-effective than what existed previously – it must be embraced, after all it is a pretty powerful tool.

The question now is how do you get social media to work for you?

How do you get social media to help increase your worth, to grow your business or increase your marketability?

  1. Stop procrastinating – You need to get connected.
  2. Make friends – Quality is way better than quantity.  You need to connect with persons who can influence growth.
  3. Know who you need to target – Advertising shoes to persons without feet will not increase your sales.  People need to want what you have to offer if you are to make any money.
  4. Try and get invited into big groups as this will increase/extend your reach.
  5. Get involved – share your thoughts and views. People will quicker “listen” to someone who “listens” to them than to one who is all about “talking”.
  6. Post enough about you so persons can get to know you, but not too much since this can be a major turn off for some persons and could even lead to identity theft.
  7. Be persistent, but not a nuisance – many will ignore or even ridicule your advertisements/post etc., do not allow that to stop you from putting your information out there.

Like it or not social media is here to stay and ignoring it will not change the fact that it is possibly one of the most powerful tech-tools available to us, so you may as well get it to work for you.

Has social media been working for you?  Feel free to share your views and experiences in the comment section below.

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Author: Jervis Dabreo

Jervis A. Dabreo (1979 - ) is a Grenadian author, blogger and high school teacher with a passion for technology and empowering others.

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