Tips For Getting The Best Deals On Tech Gadgets Today

If you’re like me, then you’re about getting the best deal for your money, especially when it comes to buying tech where a top-of-the-line gadget is made to appear obsolete in well under 6 months by manufacturers, mobile carriers and even the mass media.

So what should you look for and how do you tell a great deal from a rip-off?

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Wait until the manufacturer announces the next-generation model for the item you’re eyeing; this will normally result in huge price discounts as retailers attempt to get rid of old stock. Sure, you’ll not be on the “bleeding-edge”, but you’ll still be getting a very good product (if it was good to begin with) for a fraction of the original cost.
  2. Look out for firesales.  From time to time companies may decide to “wash their hands” on certain products and sell them off at crazily reduced prices for example, Barnes & Noble and their NOOKs HD and HD+a while back.  Great deals can be realized in such situations.
  3. Do your homework.  While you may be getting a great deal, you may also be getting “crap-tech”, so do the appropriate research to see what others (who bought the product before) have to say.  Be sure to read the reviews from independent reviewers.
  4. Buy tech that have some sort of future-proofing.  You do not want to buy a gadget that is not going to be supported in the next three months, so check out the various developer forums or even the manufacturer’s website to see what software update plans they have for the device down the road.
  5. Shop on special holidays – the 4th of July, black Friday, cyber Monday –  these are great times for picking up great tech at low prices.
  6. Avoid buying used items especially if they’re all bruised and scratched up.  If you do decide to buy used, be sure to check out what others have to say about buying used items from that particular seller or reseller.
  7. Visit the deals websitesWoot, OffersDailySteals, Tanga and Yugster to name a few.

I should mention here that each newer model of a gadget tends to bring new improvements in performance, design and battery life among other things, but we are talking about deals here and often times deals and having the “latest and greatest” are not found in the same sentence.

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Author: Jervis Dabreo

Jervis A. Dabreo (1979 - ) is a Grenadian author, blogger and high school teacher with a passion for technology and empowering others.

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