Going Green – A Simple Tech Guide

Going grgoing-greeneen can mean any of a number of things to a number of different persons.  From lowering emissions to organic living and recycling, it all depends on who you ask, but the answers will (or should) have one thing in common – Going green is about conserving resources and preserving our planet.

It is important to note that going green takes individual effort and action and does not mean you have to become a “tree hugger”.

Here are some ways you can go green from a technology/computer gadgets point of view:

  1. Get a smart device (smartphone, tablet, phablet etc.). There is no need to be turning on a desktop computer just to check or send emails.
  2. Go paperless where possible (PDF instead of print).  Gone are the days when consuming information required lots of paper.
  3. Use energy saving features on your devices.  Dim the screen (there is no need to have you screen at its brightest all the time).  Turn off radios that are not being used such as Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS (consider turning on airplane mode when going to bed).  Use dark wallpapers if your device has an AMOLED display – they use less energy by lighting up less pixels on your screen and manage the screen timeout – a shorter timeout will result in you saving battery power. 
  4. Use a wall-socket instead of the USB port of your computer for charging your devices (unless you’re using the computer in the process).  The device will charge a lot faster via the wall-socket than the USB port.
  5. Buy devices which are certified as being energy efficient.
  6. Keep the fans and air vents of your computer clean;  this will not only reduce on wear and tear, but on energy consumption as well.
  7. Use Sleep Mode when moving away from your computer for your lunch break for instance instead of leaving it up and running.

To go green is to think and care about the future of our planet, a planet which our children and their children will be inheriting from us.  If for no other reason but this, we need to do all in our power now to ensure we leave a planet which is in a better state than the one we inherited from our recent fore-parents.

Can you think of any other ways we can “go green” with our gadgets?

As always I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your thoughts or comments in the comment section.

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Author: Jervis Dabreo

Jervis A. Dabreo (1979 - ) is a Grenadian author, blogger and high school teacher with a passion for technology and empowering others.

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